We seek to do our BEST

We seek to do our BEST

We seek to do our BEST

Interlayers / Separadores

Folhas de cartão com propriedades de elevadas rugosidade e espessura com características antiderrapantes.
Gramagem entre 250g/m² e 550g/m².
Formatos disponíveis : 70mm x 100mm a 1200mm x 1400mm.

about us

Paper and Coreboard Producer

Papeleira Coreboard S.A. supplies a wide range of products to various markets around the world. Our focus is the flexibility that the paper machine allows, from 180 to 600gsm, with several paper specifications.

We are a 100% recycled paper and coreboard production company.

From Papeleira Coreboard S.A. we take care of the Environment and we have implemented a circular economy to reduce as much as possible the waste generated as well as the resources used in our production processes.

We have also opted for renewable energy and we have installed photovoltaic panels in our facilities.

We are acting today thinking about the future!

We collaborate with our customers

We are always improving our Products, Services and Ourselves. We are listening to our customers, offering quality and seeking for the difference.

If you want to get more information or request information, do not hesitate to contact us:


Rua Comendador Sá Couto 829
4535-439 | S. Paio de Oleiros
T: +351 227 471 760
F: +351 227 641 717