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We are constantly improving our quality

We take care of the Environment

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According to historical records, recycled paper has been manufactured at the current Papeleira site since 1930.

It`s capacity at the time allowed for a production of around 7 tons per day, with two round shaped machines, this capacity was only improved in 1973.

However, the need to innovate, to look for new products and markets, the company felt at an early stage. There was evidence of a strong tendency towards the reduction of weight of the recycled paper for the cardboard industry, which led to a loss of Papeleira’ s competitiveness, the market start asking for ticknesses that was not possible to make with the existing paper machine.

Looking to boost its competitiveness, Papeleira set out on a path of innovation and began producing paper for cardboard tubes and angles, with different specifications and higher weights, adding substantial value.

The company’s evolution and its industrial potential led to its acquisition, in 2013, by an industrial Global Group. From that date onwards, the company has seen constant investments in its production process, allowing it to offer a quality product, regularly.

In 2015, the company prepared a 15M€ investment plan also supported by Portugal2020 UE Funds, and today, after this strong investment and complete change of machine and facilities, Papeleira produce 220ton/day, an unthinkable achievement 5 years ago.


our mission


Papeleira Coreboard, S.A. is a manufacturer of paper pulp and cardboard, aimed at producing 100% recycled paper and cardboard. 

Our goal is to be recognized by the markets as a competitive company in the paper business, with an excellent performance in every single area. 

our mission


We believe our company’s success derives from our ability to keep our customers happy, but also our suppliers, employees and all the organizations that we work with.

Understanding our past, we live the present.

We don’t know what the future may bring, but we know where we’re going and we’ll do what it takes to get there!

our vision


Our goal is to be recognized by the markets as a competitive company in the paper business, with an excellent performance in every single area.

We seek to serve customers who value...

• competitive prices 
• deliveries on schedule 
• zero defects

We are committed to the constant improvement of our lntegrated Management System, in order to...

• reduce costs 
• comply with production plans 
• reduce defects 
• enhance employees’ skills 
• establish partnerships with our suppliers based on mutual trust 
• prevent pollution and respect the environment 
• act accordingly to the General Principles of Prevention, minimizing the effect of potential pollution

Health & Safety and Environmental incidents...

• develop prevention activities and protection against occupational hazards, ensuring the safety of our workforce 
• improve our products
• comply with all legal and industry standards and requirements 

We believe these intentions are only achievable through the active engagement of every single employee, therefore we consider it indispensable to divulge and ensure the understanding and enforcement of the company’s Quality, Environment and Safety Policy.

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